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Treatment and Aftercare

You get what you pay for.

Please do not purchase cheap products, any faults normally related such as cracks splitting, movement are often caused by using a cheap treatment.

We strongly recommend Brewers who supply a product called Sikkens.

A highly recommended quality product supplied by them.

Cetol range

High performance semi-transparent product.

You can see partially through the coating with the wood grain still visible.

The product will protect your cabin from UV damage and exterior weather conditions.

Rubbol range

High quality coating with colour options.

A colour finish by a Rubbol product will withstand exterior conditions and is more durable than a semi-transparent finish.

Colour coatings will result in saving time and labour costs.

Please contact your local Brewers to order this product and for more information.

The treatment of your cabin is so important to prevent expansion and shrinkage.

As stated a quality product is required

In the damp winter months your cabin will absorb moisture and the wood will act like straws, so it so important to seal the cabin with your treatment as soon as possible.

Adding the treatment also to the sides of the windows and doors will help prevent expansion.

If the treatment has not been added correctly and a door or window has expanded a call out fee will be charged, the team will complete a demonstration of how to adjust windows and doors before they leave site.

We can not state just how important the treatment is to the performance of your cabin and the aftercare.

The summer months can be extreme so again a quality treatment will help prevent any splits or cracks and also help with preventing shrinkage.

Sikkens is our reccomdation for the treatment you will require and it is definitely worth a trip to your local Brewers to talk to the experts who supply this product.

You have made an investment in your Log cabin so the treatment is so important.