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Treatment and Aftercare

We recommend George Hill Timber as they offer the full range of colours but other stores are available also Amazon.

What is Sikkens?

The use of high quality hardwoods and softwoods will generally provide your room with an attractive finish, whether you’ve installed flooring, a door or a window frame. However with the use of Sikkens woodstains you can add years to the life expectancy of your new features, while also achieving any number of attractive finishes which will bring the best out of the wood and compliment your existing installations, regardless of décor or style.

Why Sikkens?

Sikkens is one of the leading names for wood treatment, first and foremost because they have been producing their range of products for over 200 years. Their variety of woodstains are easily applied with a brush so you can tackle the job yourself without the need for professional assistance. This will also save you money instead of paying for a decorator or pre-treated wood, you could achieve your required finish for as little as £20-30.

Depending on your required finish, you could choose from eight different ready-mixed shades. From light pine to dark rosewood, each of which includes a high quality wood care system to protect the wood and achieve the best possible physical finish. Even if you can’t find a suitable product, custom shades can be mixed over the course of several days right here at the George Hill Hardware store. If you’re unsure of your exact requirements we’ll be glad to assist and you can contact us through phone, email or in person.

Sikkens Range

Application of Sikkens

Cetol based woodstains are generally applied with a single base coat and two finishing coats. This ensures maximum protection for the wood, with a visually striking finish. Our range of cetol solvent borne base coats include Cetol THB and Cetol Filter 7, two medium build woodstains which will last at least 3-4 years with no required maintenance. These products provide a translucent satin finish, which accentuates the rich textures of solid wood while preventing damage from corrosion or the elements.

Outdoor Protection

Here at George Hill Timber we also stock Sikkens HLS Plus – a durable cetol based woodstain which is as recommended for oak veneered doors, as it is for outdoor fascias and soffits. Whereas the Cetol THB and Filter 7 provide high quality satin base coats, the low build Sikkens HLS Plus can also be used as a finishing coat for outdoor cladding, windows or doors. While providing a finish which will compliment any architectural or decorative style, the cetol woodstain is also both microporous and water-resistant. This ensures no structural or aesthetic shortcomings as a result of mould or algae, and provides essential protection against the cold and wet which comprises a typical British winter.

UV Protection

Alongside damage from harsh weather, the range of Sikkens cetol based woodstains will also protect your joinery, doors or fascias from damage by intense sunlight. While UV rays can often leave outdoor features discoloured, products like the Sikkens HLS Plus provide resistance against UV radiation. So ensuring your wood remains both visually pleasing and structurally sound.

Visit the Hardware store at George Hill to view the full range of Sikkens cetol solvent borne woodstains and see which product would be most suitable for you.

Sikkens Range