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The bespoke log cabin company


The date of goods to the site is expected to be no more than 30 days.

Planning permission

Any planning permission (if needed) is the purchasers responsibility.

Site access

The purchaser shall grant KCCC employees or reps clear and unrestricted access to the premises at all reasonable times for measurements delivery and all works.


Upon completion of works a time agreed by both parties KCCC and the purchaser will inspect the works. During the inspection the purchaser will identify any areas that do not meet the purchasers standerds. KCCC will remedy any areas identified within a time agreed.

Need your cabin installed?

Many people buy a log cabin and decide to install them. It can be a very involved and not as straight forward as first thought. So if you are having problems installing your cabin, give us a call for assistance. We offer a full installation service including basework.

The cabin does not have to be purchased from Kent Cabin Craft Centre. All we need to do is to arrange an appointment to come along and assess the problem and we will give you a free no obligation quotation.

Further information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01843 654118 or 07375 094624 for more information.