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Treatment and Aftercare

We cannot stress how important this is.

Your cabin needs to be treated. If you would like a quotation, please tick the box on our quotation option attached to every cabin.

A good quality treatment will prolong the life of your cabin and add that stunning finish. Choose your colour or a clear natural finish.

Image of Treatments

You get what you pay for.

Please do not purchase cheap products, any faults normally related such as cracks splitting, movement are often caused by using a cheap treatment.

Please note it is the customers responsibility to treat and seal their log cabin.

Any ventilation will also be the responsibility of the customer

As stated a quality product is required

In the damp winter months your cabin will absorb moisture and the wood will act like straws, so it so important to seal the cabin with your treatment as soon as possible.

Adding the treatment also to the sides of the windows and doors will help prevent expansion.

If the treatment has not been added correctly and a door or window has expanded a call out fee will be charged, the team will complete a demonstration of how to adjust windows and doors before they leave site.

We can not state just how important the treatment is to the performance of your cabin and the aftercare.

The summer months can be extreme so again a quality treatment will help prevent any splits or cracks and also help with preventing shrinkage.

You have made an investment in your Log cabin so the treatment is so important.

You will need 4/5 good coats of a quality treatment, we recommend sadolin. The finish should feel glass like to touch.

Please see some examples below. We can not stress how important your treatment is to the upkeep of your cabin.

Good Image 1
Good Image 1
Bad Image 1
Bad Image 1


Sometimes overlooked but very important.

Pressure will always build up in your cabin causing Condensation and moisture.

Pressure will always want to escape and will find a way this can leave marks on the inside of your cabin as the moisture escapes often leaving people thinking they have water ingress from the outside.

The cabin needs help to prevent this process from happening so we recommend a couple of vents will help the pressure on its way and will prevent this marking to the inside of your cabin.

Water marks caused by moisture

Water Marks Caused by Moisture

Door & Window Adjustment

Your cabin may experience some settlement and movement in the first couple of years as timber is a natural product.

The hinges on the doors and windows are fully adjustable and allows adjustment so that if you do experience any expansion this is an easy fix.

Caps are often fitted over the hinges which just pull off and you will then see the adjustable screws.

Please note customers will be shown during the signing off process how to adjust windows and doors. If we are asked to return to adjust windows and doors there will be a call out charge depending on time and distance.

Caps covering the hinges

Caps Covering the Hinges